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12 Summer Gin Cocktails To Sip In The Sun

Calling all gin lovers! Get out those cocktail shakers because here are 12 summer gin cocktails that are so good I can hardly stand it. These will have you drinking pretty all summer long!

Photo collage of seven summer gin cocktails.

Are you a gin drinker? For me, summer and gin always go hand in hand. Growing up my parents would religiously drink red wine in the colder months and gin in the summer so for me, gin has always been synonymous with warm evenings on the patio.

Mind you, they always had gin and tonics but there are many other summer gin cocktails to explore. Gin’s main flavor comes from juniper berries which has a pine-like essence but different brands of gin have their own unique flavor profiles. Some are more herbal, some floral, some more vegetal with flavors of cucumber and celery coming through.

If you have a favorite brand, great! But it might be fun to explore different gins this summer and see if there’s a new one you can add to the list. Read more below on the different types and what they are good for.

Check out these fun summer cocktails and let me know in the comments below which one you’ll try first!

Different Types of Gin and What They Are Good For

According to Bon Appétit there are four different types of gin. “When it comes to gin, beautiful, perfect gin, there are even more specific types, including Genever and Old Tom, that have distinct characteristics and usages and are totally worth seeking out.”

  1. London Dry
    • London Dry gin is the gin everyone thinks of when they think gin. All the big brand names like Tanquerey, Beefeater, etc. are all types of London dry gin. The word “dry” does not mean that it lacks sweetness like with other wine or alcohol. Dry gin means there are no artificial flavorings.
  2. Plymouth
    • Plymouth is considered a type of gin but only one distillery makes it: Plymouth Gin, which is the oldest gin distillery on record. This style of gin is more citrusy which makes it perfect for Negronis.
  3. Old Tom
    • Old Tom-style gins are sweeter than other gins. Some have added sugar but most are distilled with larger amounts of licorice. There are darker Old Tom gins which have been aged in wine barrels but also clear versions. The most popular Old Tom gin is Ransom.
  4. Genever
    • This is the original style of gin dating back to 16-century Holland. The predominant flavor of this gin is malted grain with secondary notes of juniper and herb. Bon Appétit recommends Boomsma gin if you want to try the Genever style.

12 Summer Gin Cocktails

1. Pink Grapefruit & Cilantro Spanish Gin Tonic from ¡Hola! Jalapeño

Gin and citrus go hand-in-hand and that is on full display here. This Spanish Gin Tonic has the gin and the tonic like the British version but also fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, and a grapefruit-cilantro simple syrup. Talk about refreshing!

A man holding a wine glass with a cocktail and ice in it and a slice of pink grapefruit and a sprig of cilantro.

2. Strawberry Gin Lemonades from How Sweet Eats

Fresh strawberry puree, lemonade, and gin make an extraordinary combination. When summer hits and strawberries are juicy and sweet this is an excellent way to use them. Garnish with fresh slices of strawberries and lemon.

A tall glass filled with crushed ice and pink drink with sliced strawberries and a lemon round on top with a glass straw.
Image from How Sweet Eats

3. Sage Bee’s Knees from Salt & Wind

Fresh garden sage is delightful in this super simple cocktail. Just gin, lemon, and honey is all you need to make a Bee’s Knees. The fresh lemon juice and honey soften the strong flavor of the gin and the sage adds a mellow herbal note. One of my favorite summertime meals are these cocktails with grilled pork burgers and slaw.

A champagne coupe glass with a cocktail in it and two sage leaves floating on top sitting on a wood board.
Image from Salt & Wind

4. Classic Gin Martini from This Mess Is Ours

If you like to stick to the classic cocktail recipes, this gin martini is for you. Choose a high quality gin for this cocktail because it is basically the only ingredient, well that and a splash of dry vermouth and orange bitters.

A clear cocktail being poured into a cocktail glass from a cocktail shaker on a marble counter.
Image from This Mess Is Ours

5. Gin Mojito from Britney Breaks Bread

Looking for a refreshing beverage to enjoy poolside? Try Britney’s gin version of the classic Mojito cocktail. This drink is a simple mix of gin, lime, mint leaves, and ginger beer. It is refreshing, sweet, and floral—oh, and pretty too!

6. The Perfect Gin Gimlet from A Girl Defloured

A gimlet is a quick and easy cocktail made from gin, simple syrup, and lime juice but Alison’s version has a secret ingredient that give it depth and dimension: Celery! Don’t let summer pass without trying this cocktail.

Two cocktail glasses on marble coasters with a green cocktail in the glass and a lime slice floating on top.
Image from A Girl Defloured

7. Blackberry Gin Smash from Baking The Goods

Ride that summertime glow with this sweet and fruity cocktail made from smashed fresh blackberries, gin, lemon, thyme leaves, St Germain elderflower liqueur, and elderflower tonic water. These go great with my Vinegar and Spice Baked Baby Back Ribs!

Two cocktail glasses filled with a red cocktail with blackberries, ice, and thyme leaves on top and all around it.
Image from Baking The Goods

8. Salad Bowl Gin and Tonic from Garden Therapy

This drink plays off all of the herbal, vegetal notes in gin. Mix herbs like parsley, fresh basil, and tarragon with ripe tomatoes, cucumber, gin, and tonic water. An excellent recipe for all the home gardeners out there.

A tall glass with a cocktail in it that has pieces of tomato, cucumber, celery, and fresh herbs sitting on a marble top.
Image from Garden Therapy

9. Lemonade Lillet Spritz from Salt & Wind

Lille blanc, gin, lemon, honey, and soda water make an excellent afternoon sipper. This easy, breezy cocktail is like a classy version of hard lemonade. I like to serve these with some homemade hummus and veggies for a quick and easy happy hour.

An overhead image of two wine glasses that have cocktails in them with ice and lemon peel on a gray table.
Image from Salt & Wind

10. Negroni from This Mess Is Ours

Bitter cocktails like this Negroni aren’t for everyone but if you like them…you really like them. Equal parts Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin; a Negroni is simple to make and easy to drink. Garnish with an orange twist.

Two wine glasses with gold pieces around them filled with Negroni cocktails and orange peel and ice.
Image from This Mess Is Ours

11. Classic Gin Rickey from Zestful Kitchen

Learn a new cocktail this summer: The Gin Rickey! What’s a Gin Rickey you ask? It’s another fabulous three-ingredient cocktail made with gin, lime juice, and club soda. Try this cocktail if tart is your go-to cocktail profile. There’s no sweetener in this one.

Two glasses filled with ice and two lime wedges on marble coasters sitting on a white table.
Image from Zestful Kitchen

12. Passion Fruit Gin Fizz from This Silly Girl’s Kitchen

We have a passion fruit vine that produces all summer, so I love this gin cocktail recipe that mixes the fragrant tropical fruit with gin, lime, agave, and tonic. Just shake everything together in a cocktail shaker and pour over ice.

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